At House of Midas, we believe that the art of designing jewelry is all about emotions and expressions. Whether it's the desire for beauty, the need for acceptance, or a way to show commitment, our designers draw inspiration from these feelings to create jewelry that's both meaningful and beautiful.

Designing jewelry often begins with inspiration. Our creations are inspired by a range of motives: from commemorating loved ones to highlighting the intrinsic beauty of gemstones. We find inspiration in various ways, including focusing on our customers' desires and needs, embracing current market and fashion trends, or letting our designer's dreams and the materials at hand guide the design process.
Some designers begin with a detailed color painting, while others opt for a simple sketch as a starting point. In today's world, many designers use CAD jewelry design to create precise computer renderings, while some rely on their mental images.
Regardless of the method, the initial design always evolves during the creation process. It's common to make subtle adjustments as the jewelry takes shape. Designers at times, can't foresee every engineering challenge in jewelry fabrication and stone setting, so modifications, whether for feasibility or aesthetics, naturally occur as the masterpiece comes to life in the hands of the craftsman.